En kai pan. One with everything.

The fishermen return home in the morning. Bringing the fresh catch of the
day. The shepherds graze their sheep and goats in the hills. The farmers
harvest fruit and vegetables in the fields and gardens. Island life means
being one with nature. One with all.


A fertile Island. A rich kitchen.

The climate is favorable. The earth fertile. The sea, lavish in its gifts. For nature’s blessings we are grateful. In this mindfulness we only use fresh and local organic produce for our great dishes. Healthy and deliciously prepared. Just exquisite.

Traditional, vegetarian and vegan dishes
from our excellent kitchen.

Eat. Celebrate. Live.

Sitting on the restaurant’s terrace, we share the starry sky above. The stars
seem close enough to touch. We pass the bread. Make friends. We dine,
pour the wine. We talk and joke. Down below the first boats put out to sea.
Their lights are dancing. Just like us.

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