A house flooded with sunlight and air.

In brilliant white the AF. Lindia nestles on the cliff. It’s a minute's walk to the
historic village. Two minutes to the beach. In the bright rooms light
and shadow magically play together. Walls made of natural stone and
lime plaster. The ideal place.

A touch of Zen.

Cubic shapes. White plastered walls. Mosaic floors tiled with Lindian stone. Beams and shutters made of wood. Brass and copper trimmings. All suites with outdoor terrace, sea view, bathroom, open air jacuzzi. Noble comfort in the Here and the Now.

Peace of mind. Meditation. Hospitality.

“I wanted to create a haven of calm where my guests can feel completely relaxed, completely free,” says Ioannis Finas. “Easy and elegant. Simple and sensual." This is how a precious place of refuge was created. Full of warmth and hospitality.

Igniting the inner fire.

The sun slowly rises over the sea. Yoga class in the fresh sea air, under a blue sky. Energy and strength floating through my body. I become conscious and flexible. In the lotus position, I look to the east. I breathe in. I breathe out. I am.

Free and relaxed at the beach.

It’s only a few steps from the hotel to the beach. Everything moves into the distance here. I'm cast away. Just fine soft sand and crystal clear water. I let myself fall, floating in the gentle waves. In unison with the elements. One with myself.

The perfect base camp.

Old olive groves and hidden bays, rocky ledges with breathtaking views,
wild orchids and monuments of antiquity. From the AF. Lindia you can
easily discover the island’s splendid beauty. We are happy to give our
guests all the advice and support they wish.

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