The good demon in our soul.

Eudaimonia was what the ancient philosophers called happiness.
A good demon inside of each one of us. He wants to be caressed.
By laughter. By sparkling waves. By the silence of the landscape and the
sea breeze on our skin. Then happiness awakens. And so do we.

What is the color of happiness?

Beneath the AF. Lindia, the shining sea spreads. Like a crystal. A gleaming emerald or glowing opal. Sparks of the sunlight are dancing on the eyelashes. White drawings of salt on the skin. Shimmering waves. All is enlightened.

Life between sun and sea.

The sky and the sea are changing their colors. Trees and grasses sway in the wind. Our feet touch the fine, soft sand. We dive into the blue. Feeling weightless. All boundaries dissolve. The head becomes light and free. The soul so wide.

Every moment is unique and yet everything is infinite.

We look out upon the sea. Thousand-colored mother-of-pearl. For a long
time we don't say a word. It's still early morning. Later on we'll go out on the
boat. In the evening, after dinner in our own restaurant, head up to the
Acropolis. To marvel at the starry sky.

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